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Soft Skill Development Specialist

 &  Keynote Speaker

Stephen Watson




As Lead Consultant, Soft Skills Development Specialist and Keynote Speaker, Stephen delivers entertaining and informative keynote speeches that capture the attention of his audience. 


Stephen's dynamic personality and many years of experience as a keynote speaker, entertainer, mediator and L.E.T. training shine through in his presentations.  











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"Our entire company now has an energy I have never seen in these halls before."  - Paul Gautier   . 



Seneca Consulting offers dynamic one-day workshops customized for each level within a business or organization. 


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Don’t miss an opportunity when Stephen presents Keynote Topics such as …

“Everything Communicates!” –  How your communication style affects your professional image.  

"You NEVER Listen to Me!" - A humorous & entertaining look at communication skills.  

"Getting it RIGHT the FIRST Time...There are 

NO SECOND Chances!" - The secrets to 

converting customer to Loyal Fans!

"Shaking the Cactus Hand" - Powerful techniques for dealing with difficult people.

"Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall..." - An inspiring look into leadership skills and how model service creates a winning team.





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