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For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed speaking and entertaining. At age seven, after having survived being hit by a car while riding my bicycle, I was asked to tour local schools and speak during Bicycle Safety Week. A podium or stage has been a familiar ground all my life. The encouragement and blessings of my parents, inspiring teachers, and dynamic role models have moved me down the path I have chosen to follow, to speak, to teach, and to entertain.

As a keynote speaker, I know that ENTERTAINING is as important as INFORMING and INSPIRING. It is a key ingredient in making any event or session an unforgettable success. I relish the challenge of combining all three to deliver a professional and attention capturing presentation.

As the new millennium approaches, companies are hiring speakers and trainers to equip them with the essential skills of communication and conflict management. Mastering these skills will determine who excels and delivers EXCELLENCE in an increasingly competitive environment.

My presentations such as, "You NEVER Listen to Me", "Shaking the Catcus Hand", and "Mirror..Mirror, On the Wall", deliver the "Why's" and the "How To's" for improving both interpersonal communication skills and the ability to manage conflict.

It is my strong belief that those who realize both personal and economic fulfillment will have become masters of Communication Skills and Conflict Management. The abilities to Effectively Listen and Resolve Disputes will secure their success. My personal mission is to assist others in the development of these essential skills. To that goal, I devote my time, my gifts, and my energies.

-- Stephen Watson, Keynote Speaker/Communication Specialist


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