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Why On-Site Training?

Because its Convenient, Cost Effective, a smart Investment in the future of your organization, and best of all its Easy!

Like people, no two organizations are alike.  The goals and needs differ between organizations and markets.  Therefore, customized on-site training programs are the choice of top performers in their market niche. 

Convenience - Definitely!  

Seneca Consulting customizes all programs based on the diverse learning styles within the organization, the goals and needs of the organization and delivers a dynamic program right from your organization's conference room or training area.  Participating staff doesn't leave the workplace!  top

 Cost Effective - Absolutely!   

Just one of the many reasons more organizations are choosing on-site training programs is simply to decrease travel expenses to costly out of state seminars.  On-Site Employee Training programs are the best investment an organization can make!   The inevitable pay-of will be high morale and a successful bottom line.   top


Return on Investment - Positively!

The dynamic presentation techniques of our consultants guarantees employee participation, therefore resulting in an increased retention rate and performance levels.  See what just a few of our satisfied clients have to say about their own training experiences with Seneca Consulting.  top


Best of all... Its Easy!   

Of course, Seneca Consulting takes care of everything!  We work with HR and key staff members to make sure the program is exactly what you want it to be!   top  









Body Language!  You may be saying more than you think. 

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Training Tidbits

Fact:  Statistics show that the classic seminar style of training is most ineffective way to train adults.  And,  the retention level in this setting is less than 8%!  

Fact:  If the 8% retained is not immediately applied the percentage drops to less than 3%.

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Seneca Consulting also conducts seminars, keynote addresses, and presentations on the same subject areas shown above.  These services may also be requested as a prelude to On-Site Training or as an option to On-Site Training.  For additional  information, contact our Training Services Coordinator by email or call us Toll Free at 1-877-536-9228.


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